Terry Marshall and Ann Garretson Marshall
“A love story you’ll never forget.”
– Hope Edelman, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Motherless Daughters
A Rendezvous to Remember
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    A Night to Remember: Birth of the Peace Corps

    A Night to Remember: Birth of the Peace Corps

    What a year! The Coronavirus forges ahead, and the anti-mask/anti-vaccine forces rally in the streets and at local school board meetings. Congressmen glare across the Democratic-Republican chasm like combatants in the Western Front trenches. We teeter on the verge of...

    Celebrating Freedom: Memories of Independence Day in Tuvalu

    Celebrating Freedom: Memories of Independence Day in Tuvalu

    October: We rejoice—our high temperatures in Las Vegas are in the two-digits at last! We’re thankful for the cooler weather, yes, but October also sparks memories of another unforgettable date from our Peace Corps years: October 1, 1978—Independence Day in the tiny...

    The Peace Corps at 60: An Awkward Celebration

    The Peace Corps at 60: An Awkward Celebration

    It’s a milestone birthday week for the Peace Corps: The big Six-Zero! Sixty years since September 22, 1961, when JFK signed the legislation creating the Peace Corps. Sixty years of memorable events: the first 51 Volunteers arrived in Ghana in the fall of 1961; the...

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    2 weeks ago

    A DAY TO CELEBRATEToday is Martin Luther King Day. A holiday . . . a day off, yes, but also a good time to celebrate the life of an extraordinary American.Set aside time to read a passage or two in STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM, or MLK’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” or “I have a Dream” from the March on Washington.You can link to the latter two here:www.terrymarshallfiction.com/letter-from-Birmingham-…… www.terrymarshallfiction.com/I-Have-a-Dream.htmlAnd remember this, MLK Day isn’t only for Black Americans, it’s a day of meaning even for a white kid who grew up on a Colorado farm. See terryannmarshall.com/…/mlk-day-a-day-for-whites-and…/ ... See MoreSee Less
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    4 weeks ago

    It’s a new year . . . and winter at last: 48 degrees in Las Vegas yesterday—so cold we pulled out our coats and sweaters . . . then stayed inside. And upped the thermostat to 72.But worse, the news brought stories of winter blasts in the Pacific Northwest and our home state of Colorado.Silverton, for example—high in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado—had 15 inches of new snow yesterday; a base of 55 inches on nearby Silverton Mountain; and last night’s low of minus 7. Yep, 7 frozen degrees below zero! That’s winter! And, oh, the memories those frozen nights bring back—especially the four bone-numbing post-Christmas nights I spent in Silverton over the final long weekend of 1963. Then came January 2, 1964—58 years ago today. Boulder, Colorado. I was back in the warmth of my skid-row apartment in Boulder, flogging myself for having rejected Rachael’s plea that I stay with her in Silverton (see photo) for a full week.“We’ll have a Playboy romp,” she had promised.“I can’t,” I told her, “too much homework.” I left her there, alone. Now, I was alone in Boulder. What a nerd!Meanwhile, unknown to me, Annie was in her dorm room at the University of Colorado. Also alone, but warmed by a pair of letters from her far-more-than-friend Jack Sigg in Germany.In the first, dated Dec. 22, he wrote: “Do your folks know I aspire to be their son-in-law?”In the other, dated Dec. 24: “Income tax time is coming again. If you’d only have let me buy your plane ticket (to Germany), there’d be another deduction. Maybe I’ll get luckier next year . . . we might be filling out a joint return.”On that second day of 1964, none of us had any inkling of how that winter weekend would change our lives—it was prelude to a summer that turned our lives upside down.We tell those stories in Annie’s and my memoir, A RENDEZVOUS TO REMEMBER, published—at long last—in 2021. For us, friends, tht book was the highlight of that otherwise wretched, Covid-dominated year.For other snapshots from our story—a love triangle that scorched the summer of ’64 for all three of us—click on terryannmarshall.com/ Then, as an exercise of your own, tell us, “What events and choices led to key turning points in your life?” ... See MoreSee Less
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    1 month ago

    This pre-Christmas week always brings me back to the summer of 1964.In late August of that year, I was camping out near Salt Lake City, lamenting the fact that I had just lost another girlfriend. I went into town to fight off the loneliness by wandering the streets, and heard faint strains of music coming from the Mormon Tabernacle.I found a door ajar and slipped inside. It was a concert. No, a recording session, and My God, it was Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The product, I discovered later that fall was this album, “The Joy of Christmas.”I’m not LDS, but listening to those two groups live is something you don’t forget. This, too, is important music from my Sixties. As well as inspiration for today.I’ve still got the album—an old 33 rpm vinyl. The good news is that we also have a record player that plays it.Check it out at terryannmarshall.com/sneak-peeks/joy-of-christmas/ ... See MoreSee Less
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    Aeii, Time’s Running Out!
    May 26, 1964, Boulder, Colorado. Time’s running out! Annie leaves next week for Europe. She’ll be gone all summer . . . with that stud lieutenant in Germany. How did we ever get ourselves into this fix?—Terry https://terryannmarshall.com/the-rendezvous-log/

    A Fine Parting Shot
    May 29, 1964, Boulder, Colorado. It took some cajoling, but Annie let me take a glamour shot of her. Her response: “OK, if it’s the Clothed Maja you want me to model and not that au naturel one you’re always raving about.”—Terry https://terryannmarshall.com/the-rendezvous-log/

    Saturday, May 16, 1964, Boulder, Colorado. Terry: On this day, 57 years ago, our excursion to Boulder Creek etched an image in my mind that will live forever: Lucky me. I saw Botticelli’s Birth of Venus come to life. #ARendezvoustoRemember https://terryannmarshall.com/relive-the-memories-with-us/

    Our fingers touched, as if drawn together by magnets. Electricity sizzled. Not as profound as God giving Adam the spark of life, but palpable enough to kindle a warm burn in the pit of my stomach. —Ann, Ch02, A Rendezvous to Remember, https://terryannmarshall.com/glimpses-quotes-of-note/

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