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Memoir Prompts Questions for Mom & Dad

Ann, supplement to A Rendezvous to Remember, Ch21: Landmines on the Road to Silverton, Fall 1964, Spring 1965, Glendale, Arizona

At what point do we stop learning from our parents? Depending on how closely we paid attention as children, maybe never. Maybe those lessons echo through the decades to guide and shape us for life. Or maybe it’s in our DNA? A dear friend from high school mentioned the other day he wished he had asked my dad and my brother more questions, all those years ago.

Really? He believes he had something to learn from my parents and brother?

Funny thing: Having written a joint memoir with Terry about the angst we endured as we decided to get married, I’ve thought about my parents a lot in the process, and not just about that rocky time before I got married. For one thing, I wonder what they would think about our leaders today? Would we be closer in our opinions than we were half a century ago?

What new do I have to learn from my parents? But more specifically to our past lives, I wish I had asked my dad and my mom lots of questions—like how did you meet, and why did you elope—just for starters. Surprisingly, I never asked whether there was more to that story. I wish I had! Too late curious.

I would also ask, What do you see as your greatest accomplishments? Plus, what were your toughest life choices and why . . . and in retrospect, how do you feel about the decisions you made? What would you do differently—if only . . .?

Are You Still Learning from Your Parents?

Mom, in her mid-20s

Ann, at 21



Have you ever wished you knew more about another family member—too late? If so, who, and what? By the way, our memoir, A Rendezvous to Remember, is centered in the summer and fall of 1964 when I finally made a life choice my parents didn’t approve. Whew! It was a tough year— but I never considered eloping!

You don’t have to write a memoir to want to know more about your family history, however. And if you do want to know more, ask NOW, before it’s too late!

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