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The Blog: Our Take is about immigration, sexual assault, war, and other topics that have been historically important and continue to be relevant today.

Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute

Each year, Memorial Day reminds us how truly fortunate we’ve been – we’ve always come home from our foreign travel. Many Americans have not – hundreds of thousands of them died overseas in American wars.

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Women’s Equality? We HAVE Come a Long Way!

Women’s equality has come a long way in the past half-century, as evidenced by the greater access to educational and employment opportunities that used to be reserved for men, and relaxing of strict codes that “governed” women’s apparel and salary schedules.

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Caught in the Abortion Conundrum

They’re calling this girl Jane Doe. That’s not her name. She’s from Central America, so let’s call her Juanita. She’s 17. She came to the U.S. illegally. By herself. The feds caught her, and now she’s imprisoned in a federally-funded “shelter” for refugee children somewhere in Texas. Now what?

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#MeToo-5: Sexual Offense? Let’s arm ourselves

Reports of exual offenses are going around like the plague. Powerful men are falling left and right. Other men may be asking where we’ll draw the line, wondering how they will respond if they wind up in trouble for an offense committed years ago. Ann explores what she would say to her predator – if he were alive today – and to his institution. Then she concludes by calling for a Peace and Reconciliation Movement.

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Et Tu, Brute? Our Sexual Misconduct Conundrum

It was bound to happen: Someone I hold in high regard would get caught up in the sexual misconduct feeding frenzy of #MeToo. It pulled me up short. Should everyone be judged by the same standards – or are criminal, immoral, and raunchy really different from one another? How do we judge?

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# YouToo? Ways We Can Stop Sexual Assault

# YouToo. Let’s join forces to stop sexual assault. It’s too pervasive to vanquish alone.
Sexual assault, or any form of sexual misconduct, casts a long shadow. What can we do, as women? Embrace Zero Tolerance. Refuse to be bamboozled. Be prepared to make a scene: Scream. Kick. Bite. Punch. Slap. Call the police. Take photos of proffered porn and exposed body parts. Record trash talk. Always, ALWAYS document every detail. What can supportive by-standers do? Tell these predators that real men don’t assault women, or brag that they do. Sexual assault is not a spectator sport.

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# MeToo-2: Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

Too often, the victim of a sexual assault is criticized because she does not immediately report her assailant, sometimes holding it inside for years. Why? History has told her she has much to lose. Her assailant may attack her integrity. Vilify her. Threaten, bully, intimidate her. Humiliate and ridicule her. Fire or demote her. Or her assailant and his protectors may ignore her, smother her voice as if she doesn’t exist. That was my story.

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